MERINA jewelry – exclusive jewelry made of natural stones.

“I remember from the early childhood that I loved collecting rare beautiful stones. For a while, I even dreamed of becoming a geologist. There is something mysterious and unknown in the natural stone. It is characterized by the natural beauty, nobility and uniqueness of each individual pebble. Such a love for stones couldn’t help but grow into something more than just collecting”.

Minerals that have been forming in the depths of the Earth for millions of years can end up in your wrist or neck in the form of exquisite jewelry. We have been bringing this incredible magic to life since 2015.

The MERINA jewelry brand is a multifaceted world of feminine grace and elegance. Stylish sidewalks and brooches, sophisticated necklaces, bracelets, luxurious ethno-necklaces, reimagined in the modern way, are embodied in exquisite collections that emphasize the character and personality of a young girl or status lady.

The first creative experiments were simple, without the use of sophisticated techniques, but already had a special charm and style. Over time, we have developed unique techniques, accumulated an arsenal of ideas and created our own brand called “MERINA jewelry”. The jewelry of our brand is intended to emphasize the style of its owner, to add to it a bright touch of elegance and special charm.

All jewelry is made of rhodium alloy and brass, without the addition of nickel and are adorned with a wide variety of gems. Agate with their multifaceted color scheme and pattern, amethyst, citrine, quartz, prenit, fluorite, pearls and coral – all in all, combined with crystals create a unique effect on the border of dreams and reality.

Merina jewelry are a wealth of luxury and sophisticated minimalism, blossoming youth and elegant classics.