Care and repair


It is important for us that jewelry purchased through retain high quality for many years. For the best MERINA accessories jewelry, consider the following recommendations:

Brush as often as necessary using polishing erasers (felt, muslin, various fabrics) of any metal parts to reduce darkening. Please keep in mind that because of the personal pH level of some people’s skin, products may be adversely affected. We recommend storing jewelry in special packages. MERINA accessories jewelry is carefully packed in protective boxes. We hope you just use them as a convenient repository.

Due to the nature of the brass parts and metallic elements of the rhodium alloy jewelry in our collection, you can see slight changes in the color of some products. You can use polishing fabrics to remove any darkening.

Please try to avoid exposure to water. We recommend removing jewelry before washing dishes, taking a shower, heading to the beach, etc.

Please note: MERINA accessories will not be liable for any damages that may result from failure to comply with the above recommendations.


To order a repair, please email with all of the information below to receive confirmation:

  1. Contact person and phone number
  2. Purchase confirmation (e.g., confirmation or receipt email)
  3. Picture of the damaged item
  4. A brief description of the repair required

After receiving the above details, we will conduct an examination. Please note that the repair is confirmed subject to proper product care. Please wait 2 weeks for repair to complete. In rare cases, when repair requires the ordering of the supply of new parts, then repair can take up to 2-3 months.