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The history of the choker goes back to the Renaissance, when noble ladies decorated their necks with chokers with pendants made of gold, pearls and precious stones. However, according to historical sources, chokers were still worn by the ancient Indians, who believed in the protective power of the choker-talisman. The modern fashion industry is full of examples of bold design solutions - chokers on a lace or velvet ribbon, massive metal chokers, leather chokers with spikes, chokers made of beads, crystals and natural stones. The leader among favorites is definitely a choker made of natural pearls. Chokers made of pearls and natural stones of various styles are available for order on our website - laconic and restrained minimalist chokers made of pearls or hematite or bold and bright exclusive chokers made of natural stones with unique pendants and pendants. You can buy a stylish and fashionable choker at an affordable price on the Merina Jewelery website.
The choker is equally ideal as a gift for a young girl or a status lady. Dare to experiment creatively and choose a choker for yourself from a wide range of jewelry presented on our website:
  • Natural pearl, shell and mother-of-pearl chokers with natural stone accents
  • Chokers with hematite and metal inserts
  • Chokers made of natural agate, quartz and other gems
  • Stylish chokers made of natural coral
  • Massive chokers-necklaces

Advantages of chokers:

Today, chokers are at the peak of popularity among all jewelry - a practical, concise and stylish accessory that will perfectly match any fashionable image. A wide range of chokers presented on our website will allow you to choose and buy a choker for any taste.

How to choose a choker?

When choosing a choker, you should pay attention to several important points:
  • Neck thickness. We make one-size-fits-all chokers that are adjustable with an extension chain. However, when ordering, you can specify the length of the product that is convenient for you, and we will be happy to fulfill an individual order for your needs. A choker with a pendant visually lengthens the neck.
  • Clothing style and color scheme. Our website offers a range of chokers of a wide range of colors and styles, so you can choose a choker that is perfect for you.
  • Combining the choker with other jewelry and accessories.
Laconic chokers look perfect in harmony with other jewelry: bracelets, chains, earrings. Queen Elizabeth preferred the combination of a pearl choker and a brooch. So mix and be bold in creative experiments,

How to buy a choker?

Each choker is presented in our online catalog with a description and detailed photos. You can always contact us for detailed information about the desired product. You can buy a choker by adding it to the cart and filling out the appropriate form.

What color choker should you choose?

Choosing the color range of the choker depends on your tastes and preferences, as well as the color range of the clothes to which the decoration is chosen. We recommend that you stick to the contrast between the color of the choker and the clothes, so that the decoration does not merge with the background and looks advantageous on it.