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Brooch - style and luxury in one detail

Brooches, which used to be a sign of the wealthy aristocracy, today boldly conquer the fashion catwalks and are used both in everyday and office lookes of fashionable ladies, and in festive looks. A brooch is a unique element of clothing decoration and an elegant accessory that allows to show the character and exclusive style of its owner. Handmade brooches by Ukrainian craftsmen and designers are particularly popular. In our online store you can buy handmade designer brooches made in Ukraine. Our website presents many unique handmade brooches - from luxurious brooches in the form of a flower, butterfly, beetle, modern abstraction decorated with gems, crystals, shells, pearls and pendants with chains to restrained and minimalist geometric brooches. Among the assortment of brooches presented on our website, you can also see:
  • paired brooches that can be worn together or separately,
  • chatelaine brooches – double brooches connected by chains
  • unique pendant brooches or transformer brooches, which, with the help of a clasp and a chain, turn from a brooch into a pendant in one movement and ensure the creation of an even greater variety of fashionable images.
  • exquisite single brooches made of natural materials of various shapes, sizes, and colors
  • a brooch with a sotoire - a stylish set of a brooch and necklaces on chains to create a complete look.
Brooch material. We make brooches from natural materials - stones, glass, pearls, coral, shell. Beads and stones are securely attached to the metal base. Here you will find the ideal brooch for you:
  • A brooch made of shells and pearls is a great decoration option for summer romantic images, sea cruises, an original option for a wedding gift
  • A brooch made of natural pearls is an eternal classic that is always relevant, will be an ideal gift for a woman, mother or girlfriend
  • Brooch made of natural stones - exclusive and unique. Thanks to the unique pattern on the stone, each brooch is unique. Our assortment includes exquisite agate brooches, brooches made of amethyst, carnelian, quartz and other natural stones
  • A brooch made of natural coral is a great option for stylizing a traditional Ukrainian image. Coral brooches look especially stylish in a set with a coral sotoire
Brooch attachment. Each brooch is equipped with a secure "pin" fastening, which is safe to wear
Brooch weight. MERINA jewelry brand brooches are made of natural stones, pearls and shells, and therefore are quite heavy, so we do not recommend wearing them on light chiffon fabrics, but rather choose a brooch with a coat, jacket, sweater, fur coat or dresses and blouses made of thick fabrics.
How to wear a brooch? The modern fashion industry offers many options for using brooches: jacket or coat lapels, sweaters and blouses, for fastening capes and scarves, and even on belts, berets and skirts.
Check out our article with a selection of options for applying brooches.
How to choose the color of the brooch?
The choice of the color range of the brooch is based on your tastes and feelings, as well as the shades of clothes to which the decoration is chosen. We recommend keeping the contrast between the color of the brooch and the clothes, so that the brooch does not blend in with the background of the clothes, and stands out on it. Our website presents a wide color range of brooches - from bold and bright red, green, blue, yellow shades of brooches to soft and pastel shades. Universal beige and black and white brooches are especially popular.
What to combine a brooch with? For the most part, a brooch is a solitaire decoration, a bright accessory that does not need additions in the form of necklaces, earrings or other decorations. However, in some cases, an elegant bracelet, earrings or sotoire with chains in combination with a brooch can create a complete jewelry set. For example, the Queen of Great Britain often liked to wear brooches completed with a pearl necklace.
How to buy a brooch?
All brooches and other designer jewelry are presented in our online catalog with descriptions and detailed photos. You can always contact us for detailed information about the desired decoration. You can buy a brooch by adding it to the cart and filling out the appropriate form.