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What is a sautoir? The history of the creation.

A sautoir is a long piece of jewelry with chains, with or without a pendant or tassel. There are many options of a sautoir - with large beads made of natural stones, fragile pearls, with a mix of different types of chains and metal decorative elements. The main criterion for jewelry belonging to a sautoir is its length - at least 80 cm. The origin of the name "sautoir" is considered to be French (porter en sautoir - "carry on the back" or "carry over the shoulder"). The history of the sautoir dates back to the 1920s - an era of ease, chic and brilliance, when sophisticated French women added the desired extravagance and sophistication to the image with the help of long chains with tassels, combining the sautoir with a bold neckline, a deep cut on the back and stylish and outrageous at the time care. Among the well-known supporters of this jewelry from the world of fashion is definitely the legendary Coco Chanel, thanks to which this accessory became a cult. Sautoirs have not left the fashion collections of Chanel for decades. Today, sautoirs, having experienced fashion transformations, are again at the peak of relevance, when lightness and a certain incompleteness of the image are in trend. Long chain necklaces around the neck, which can be styled in different ways, look very casual, stylish and attractive. Sautoir is able not only to emphasize the elegance and excellent taste of his chosen one, but also to aptly complement the image with a bright and stylish accent. Among the assortment of jewelry presented on our website, you will be able to find exactly the type of sotoire that will perfectly suit your style: - Metal sautoir with chains and sprinkles of stones - Elegant sautoir (long chains) made of natural pearls - Massive sautoir made of natural stones - Multi-string long beads in ethnic style - Ethno-sautoir made of natural coral - Minimalist sautoirs with pendants - sautoirs-pendants made of agate, amethyst, carnelian and quartz. - Multi-tiered sautoirs - sautoir set with brooch - sautoirs-ties with a pendant pulled through a metal ring All sotuars presented on our website are adjustable in length, so they are comfortable to wear.

With what to combine sautoir?

The versatility of the sautoir provides a wide palette of style combinations with other accessories. For several years now, layering has not gone out of fashion - mix sautoir with other chains and pendants. Fastening the sautoir with a brooch is our favorite option. Also, the sautoir can be wrapped several times around the wrist, thus forming an extraordinary bracelet, or wrapped around the neck, forming an elegant choker. Don't be afraid to experiment and create your own trendy mixes and trendy bows with this versatile piece of jewelry.

What kind of clothes does the sautoir go with?

In modern fashion, there are no frames or style restrictions, so you can combine a sautoir with any style of clothing - whether it is a discreet office bow, for which a sotoire will add a touch of femininity and sophistication, or a romantic look for a date, an elegant evening bow or everyday casual - in each case, a sotoire will only emphasize your unique style and attract the attention of others.

How to choose a sautoir?

Of course, as when choosing any accessory, when choosing a sautoir, you should first of all take into account individual taste preferences, the prevailing color scheme of your wardrobe, as well as body composition. When choosing a sautoir, you should pay attention to the comfortable length of the product and its massiveness. We are always happy to meet your individual wishes and adjust the length of the product to your needs. We can also make a sautoir to an individual order.

Where to buy a sautoir?

It is very easy to buy an exclusive sautoir on our website: choose the desired product, put it in the basket and complete the order by filling out the appropriate form. You can also make a purchase through our social networks or by contacting our contact phone numbers. Sautoirs from the Merina Jewelery collection are created to express your uniqueness and originality. Sophisticated chains decorated with beads made of natural stones, pearls and notes of the author's style are designed to become an ideal basis for the embodiment of current fashion trends.