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History of decoration

Bracelets were worn even in ancient Egypt as a talisman, as well as to demonstrate the special social status of its owner. Thus, bracelets were endowed with a special role in the worldview of the ancient Egyptians. In the times of antiquity, the way of wearing jewelry changed - at that time it was worn on the forearm, giving this accessory the status of an element of clothing. Warriors used massive metal bracelets for protection. Subsequently, representatives of the Muslim world wore a bracelet on the ankle. In the days of Kievan Rus, the bracelet acquired a new function - fixation of long sleeves. Slavs wore so-called armlets - massive metal bracelets, which were sewn to clothes or worn over them. First of all, the bracelet was an exclusively male decoration. And already in the Middle Ages and in later historical eras, the bracelet became an adornment of women and endowed its owner with a special status, luxury and elegance.
At the beginning of the 17th century, talented French jewelers created unique jewelry masterpieces inlaid with pearls, coral and precious gems, original bracelets became a popular luxury product. This iconic ornament, which has passed through different historical eras, has not lost its relevance even today

How to choose a bracelet?

When choosing a bracelet, you should take into account many aspects, such as the type of bracelet, its design, color range, massiveness, manufacturing material and shape. However, the main criterion for choosing a bracelet is your personal preferences, individual style and comfort. Our online store offers a wide range of bracelets of various types:
- Elegant and functional bracelet on chains, inlaid with natural pearls and stones
- Massive statement bracelets made of natural stones, which will allow you to make a loud statement about yourself.
- Transformer bracelets - in addition to the function of a bracelet, they can take on the appearance of a choker or a choker, depending on the length.
We can make a unique bracelet for almost any necklace, choker or choker. So you can buy a set of jewelry from our brand, which will be an excellent gift for yourself or your loved ones.

How to wear a bracelet?

The word "bracelet" is of French origin - "bracelet", translated as "wrist", which immediately gives an understanding of how to wear a bracelet. An exquisite bracelet on the wrist will immediately draw attention to the delicate hands of every elegant lady. However, fashion trends demonstrate other options for wearing it - on the forearm, as well as on the ankle - as an anklet. And our transforming bracelets allow refined fashionistas to create even more options for wearing this charming piece of jewelry.
  Merina Jewelery brand bracelets have a bright individuality and bold character, a touch of mystery and attractiveness.
For everyday looks, elegant chain bracelets with weightless inserts of natural stones are suitable. For romantic dates, pearl bracelets will add special tenderness to the image. Massive bracelets made of natural stones are designed to complement a luxurious evening dress. And bracelets from coral to embroidery can emphasize ethnic style.
It is an outdated idea that a bracelet should be harmoniously combined with the style of clothing and other accessories. The modern fashion industry demonstrates bold combinations of the incongruous, a mix of different metals and shapes, 3-layering of various accessories and a stormy character. Therefore, be brave in your own fashion experiments, express yourself together with bracelets from the Ukrainian brand Merina Jewellery.

How to determine the size of a bracelet

We make our bracelets with adjustable extension chains, allowing you to adjust the size to fit any wrist. However, we are also happy to meet the special needs of our customers and make a bracelet of the required size. How to determine wrist size? For this, a centimeter tape is used. It is necessary to wrap around the wrist and measure the size tightly, back to back, without allowances.

How to care for a bracelet?

Like any accessory, a bracelet requires careful and careful care, which will ensure its durability and excellent appearance. We recommend storing the bracelet in separate boxes, separate from other jewelry, to avoid tangling and oxidation. The product should be protected from contact with water and perfumes. It is worth removing it at night and during sports. From time to time, it is recommended to polish metal elements and stones with a microfiber cloth.
How much do handmade bracelets cost?
On our website, you can buy a bracelet of different price categories for different tastes. The price of the bracelet depends on the materials used and the complexity of the product. In any case, the prices of our bracelets are affordable and acceptable.

Where to buy a bracelet?

It is very easy to buy an exclusive bracelet on our website: choose the desired product, put it in the basket and complete the order by entering the necessary data in the appropriate form. You can also purchase a bracelet by contacting us using the contact details on our website or through our social networks.
Merina Jewelery brand bracelets are exclusive accessories containing a symbiosis of current fashion trends and author's style. Our handmade bracelets are a means of self-expression of your uniqueness and sophistication, which are designed to be a guarantee of the realization of your fashion experiments.
Our online catalog showcases a wide range of unique bracelets created by the hands of talented designers. Careful elaboration of details, comfortable wear and self-expression are the rules we follow when creating our jewelry. You choose which bracelet to buy, taking into account your own taste and budget.
If the ordered jewelry did not suit you, you can exchange or return it within 14 days after purchase. Products made to individual order, as well as products that have undergone chemical treatment or have been used, are not subject to exchange or return.