Necklace for Christmas – stylish jewelry in ethno style from MERINA JEWELERY

From time immemorial, Ukrainians, dressed in traditional costumes, gathered with large families for the Christmas holidays. Women adorned themselves with the best necklaces, corals and beads, which were carefully passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. And today traditions are being revived with new force. Multi-string necklaces made of natural coral and gems in a modern and stylish form today adorn Ukrainian women on holidays and everyday.

Designer necklaces made of coral and natural stone from MERINA JEWELLERY brand are a modern author’s interpretation of a traditional Ukrainian necklace, notes of style and modern trends, harmoniously intertwined with the centuries-old traditions of the Ukrainian people.

On our website you can buy a modern ethno necklace made of coral, agate, carnelian and other natural stones, choosing for yourself the jewelry that will be passed down from generation to generation as a valuable treasure.

We have selected in the article several options for a luxurious massive necklace in the ethno style of coral and natural stone. Below are links that allow you to go to the product pages for more detailed information about the product.

Скарб нації (2 в 1)

Сердолікова розкіш

Пустельний пейзаж. Намисто з яшми та агату

Морозна калина

Намисто та чокер з коралу “Кораловий модерн (2 в 1)”

Коралове (набір)

Коралова розкіш (Натуральний корал, онікс, агат)

Коралова розкіш (2 в 1)

Величне століття

Коралове намисто

Намисто з сердоліку, агату, лазуриту та кварцу. Заграва

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